‘Entertainer’ Okocha better than Pele – Weah

Liberian legend George Weah has said that former Nigerian midfielder, Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha was more skillful than the Ghana great Abedi Pele.

Weah called Okocha an entertainer and the most talented player on the African continent; adding that he, himself, came nowhere close to the Super Eagles legend.

“Abedi is a strong player, he’s a creative player but Jay Jay is more skillful. Even me, Jay Jay has more techniques than me,” Weah told Starr Chat.

“All the things that Jay Jay does on the field, we don’t even do one percent of it.

“So Jay Jay is a legend when it comes to that; he is very creative, he is very smart and he knows how to do tricks.’

”For me I don’t do tricks, I will score a good goal and when I am squeezed up, I know how to run around. But to put the ball on the ground and play with it, I give it to Jay Jay; he is an entertainer,” adds the 50-year-old.

Weah is a one-time World Best Player and also a former presidential contestant in his home country.

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