Apple bows to stringent Chinese cyber laws

Luxury phone and gadget making company Apple has complied with stringentChinese cyber laws which requires foreign companies to store user data within the country.

Apple’s new data center is set to be located in the south-western Guizhou province and will be operated in partnership with a local data management firm called Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd (GCBD).

China recently passed its new strict cyber laws which require foreign companies to store user data within the country. “The addition of this data center will allow us to improve the speed and reliability of our products and services while also complying with newly passed regulations,” Apple told Reuters, adding that the data center was part of the tech giant’s $1bn (£775m) planned investment into the Guizhou province.

Apple is reportedly the first foreign firm to announce its agreement to comply with China’s new cyber laws after it went into effect on June 1, which previously raised concerns among privacy advocates as well as international businesses.

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