Tread carefully, I have enough evidence to nail you, Kcee tells Harrysong

A day after ex-Five Star Music singer Harrysong called out his ex-label mate Kcee accusing him of seeking relevance after he (Kcee) filed a lawsuit against him, the “Limpopo” crooner has fired back warning the Bayelsa State born musician to tread carefully as he has enough evidence to nail him.

Reacting to the now festering feud, Kcee said “When Harrysong was with us, we paid for his video shoots. He never travelled with his money and I am saying that with all confidence. I challenge him to contradict what I am saying.

“When I met Harrysong, he had no visa on his passport. We gave him his visas. He travelled business class even when he had yet to release any song under Five Star.

“He started travelling business class just to build self-esteem and confidence. He shot all his videos internationally and I can show you all the invoices. Most of his videos were shot abroad,” Kcee said.

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Responding to comments that his career was dead, Kcee said he found it laughable for anyone to say that his career is dead without Harrysong, warning his former label mate to tread carefully as he had enough evidence to nail him.

Kcee’s lawsuit filed at the High Court in Lagos is demanding for the enforcement of his ‘Fundamental rights’, a move Harrysong describes as witch-hunt.

Harrysong’s manager, Desmond Ike, says Kcee wants to stay relevant by using the lawsuit he filed against Harrysong just because his (Kcee’s) career is dead.

According to Desmond, Kcee is yet to come to terms with the fact that Harrysong has dumped him in the thrash, while also telling him (Kcee) to go and make a hit instead of running around looking for relevance where there is none.

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